Enjoy the last few days of Haleem

All things pass – good or bad. The rains come and go, so does the scorching summer. Festivals arrive with their joyous intimations and the calendar turns soon – a little too soon it sometimes appears. One of the common pleasures for many of us during Ramadan is to enjoy a delicious bowl of Haleem in the evening with friends and family.

CaptureLet’s not forget that this sublime dish is available to us only during the festive season which concludes on July 5. We encourage you to enjoy pure and tasty Haleem at Paradise Outlets in Hyderabad and Bengaluru over the next few days. If you can’t reach our Outlets for any reason, you can order delivery from a nearest Outlet through our delivery partners Swiggy, Food Panda and Food Mongo.

The pleasure however is not limited to Hyderabad only. This year, we served Hyderabadi Haleem at all our 6 Outlets in Bengaluru. The foodies of Garden City loved the dish and some have taken to enjoying it every day. Not that we need it, but that’s another proof that good food brings us all together.

Paradise Haleem is loved by many for its rich taste and texture, premium ingredients including pure ghee, and of course for the hygienic process in which it is made. Make the most of the last few days and enjoy the best Hyderabadi Haleem at Paradise Food Courts in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Thanks to our delivery partners, you can also have it delivered to your doorstep. Ramzan Mubarak!


Delivering memorable experiences, together

Most things in life today appear simple. In reality, making them is anything but simple. It takes the labours of hundreds to put even something as modest as a safety pin in our hands. We have come to take for granted the dazzling mechanics of teamwork which ensure that a package reaches us on time. Ponder how they reached you, and the simplest of things stop appearing simple.

Similarly, to deliver the signature Paradise experience to our guests requires the hands – and hearts – of thousands. Valet parking staff, security, chefs,cashiers and waiters – everyone has an important role to play to provide you a memorable dining experience. There are also countless others including kitchen and housekeeping staff who do their best less explicitly to ensure that you enjoy your meal outings.

At Paradise, we hire the best people. That’s an area we never compromise on. Today, we employ over 2500 people across our Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. These are our strength. We also understand that even the best need training, which is why we invest in the continuous development of our employees. We choose the best and the best choose to stay on.

For us to delight guests across 15 Outlets, we need an engaged workforce and we are lucky on this front. Our kitchen staff starts work at 3 AM every morning, our service staff work in shifts without once letting their smiles fade, our Chefs prepare cuisine for thousands of orders with unabated passion. All this for the last six decades. Would it be exaggerating if we called it a miracle? We think not.

Great meal, greater deals

At Paradise, we always believed in keeping our prices affordable. This helped us attract people from all walks of life from the beginning. From time to time, we partner with select companies to offer you great deals that help you get more out of your spending. Right now, we are offering exciting special offers in partnership with the following companies:

Cleartrip: Pre purchase your deal directly on the Cleartrip mobile App and enjoy a hassle free dining experience at all our outlets!

Little: Users of this app can enjoy discounts on our Biryani and Coke. Now, isn’t that’s a great combination?

Zeta: We also accept digital meal vouchers from Zeta at all our Outlets in Hyderabad. Redeem your vouchers for truly special cuisine.

SilkAir: If you have a Singapore Airlines or SilkAir boarding pass, we will give you a 10% discount at all our Outlets in Hyderabad (except Masab Tank) and Bengaluru.

We request you to avail these offers and enjoy authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. Prices should never come between you and great food; our special offers ensure that they don’t – ever.

Haleem time again!

It’s that time of the year again. The holy month of Ramadan begins from June 7 and with it also comes asli Hyderabadi Haleem from Paradise. As the summer heat makes way for the first of showers, people of all ages and backgrounds are waiting to get their hands on a sublime bowl of piping hot Haleem. The anticipation is well-deserved since Haleem is a seasonal delicacy available only during the holy month.
haleem_2016Enjoying Haleem with friends and family in the evenings is one of the best experiences that Hyderabad has to offer. The best place to experience it is at Paradise, where we serve the best Haleem that Hyderabad has to offer. So, why go somewhere else? Beginning June 7, visit our Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru to enjoy much admired Paradise Haleem that comes with the guarantee of 100% good taste and quality.Untitled_00044

It takes a long time to prepare Haleem. By following the traditional recipe, our expert Chefs cook it on slow flame throughout the day to ensure a rich and consistent texture. Wheat, barley, spices and tender meat come together in perfect combination in this wonderful stew that will keep you coming back for more. We use premium ingredients and pure ghee which you will recognize from the first spoonful.

We are prepared in every possible way to bring you the best Haleem. Do visit our Restaurants/Special Counters/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru to enjoy delicious Haleem all through the month. Bring your friends and family along. It’s an experience like no other. Ramzan Mubarak!