Beat the heat

Paradise lassiLooking back at the posts on this blog, we have realised that we have committed a sin of omission. We wrote reams on what to eat but very little, if any, on what to drink at Paradise. With this post, we intend to right that wrong and we believe the time is perfect.

Summer is upon us now and judging by the last one, we are in for a period of searing heat for the next two months. It is only natural that most often, we will look forward to have something to drink than eat. The good news is we have something that not only quenches your thirst, but also rehydrates you and keeps you cool.

Our Lassis and Faloodas are popular with our long-time guests – especially those who visit the Paradise Bakery on the Ground Floor of our Secunderabad Food Court. Topped with clotted cream and dry fruits, these drinks have a lip-smacking flavour that is hard to resist. We also serve fresh fruit juices at our Bakery.

So this summer, beat the heat with your favourite drink served chilled at our Secunderabad Bakery or in any of our Restaurants across the city. Come sip in peace!


Kebabs calling

paradise kebabsMost people know and recommend us for our delicious Hyderabadi Biryani, but our long time guests will tell you that there is much else to relish on our menu. In taste and quality, all items on our menu have distinctively wonderful flavours – something that makes them a perfect complement to a Biryani meal.To begin with, let’s explore our exquisite selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kebabs. Our Panneer Achari and Veg Sheek Kebabs are a hit with vegetarians. These combine the freshness of vegetables and Panneer with the delightful flavour of indigenous spices. If you want to go off the beaten track, try them and we are sure you will love them.Our non-vegetarian Kebabs are a true feast that most connoisseurs swear by. We serve one of the most diverse range of non-vegetarian kebabs that you will find anywhere. Starting from Fish Tikka Kebab to Chicken Hara Bhara Kebab, you will lose yourself in these succulent marvels that are cooked in the authentic Hyderabadi style.

So, the next time you visit us, go off on a culinary adventure and enjoy the finest selection of Kebabs on offer at our Restaurants/Takeaways in Secunderabad, Begumpet, NTR Gardens, Hitec City, Kukatpally and Masab Tank. Let us know what you think.

What’s in a line?

paradise begumpetPeople passing by Begumpet would have noticed the sign that adorns our Restaurant / Takeaway: “World’s Favourite Biryani”. This line is as much a call to arms as it is an announcement. Its message is directed not just to our guests but also to our own people.

Everyday our kitchen staff begin work at 3 AM to make the food we place before you with love. When you do something everyday, it’s hard to bring your best to work always. Given how crucial passion is, the above statement is our way of exhorting them to put their best dish forward.

For us as Management, with so many cares to worry about everyday, it is easy to lose focus of our most important goal: offering the best cuisine in an environment that is safe, family-friendly and welcoming. This statement serves to remind us daily that we need to offer nothing but the best.
Finally, it is your love and kind-hearted encouragement that made our name. “World’s Favourite Biryani” is not a mere tagline; it is our way of thanking our myriad guests from all walks of life who are the reason we are successful. Thank you all!