Distinguished guests at Paradise



The founders of Paradise believed in honesty, hospitality and hard work. All these qualities are fully manifest in the high quality of our cuisine, the uplifting warmth of our hospitality, and the commitment of our staff to serve you nothing but the best Hyderabadi cuisine. Yet, they did not expect the hype that a place practising these values is bound to create.

There is not a day when we are not grateful for the love of our guests. With your support, Paradise is arguably the most popular restaurant in Hyderabad today. This fame brings a lot of visitors everyday to our Restaurants, some of them very distinguished. When dignitaries and celebrities arrive at our Restaurant, we take the opportunity to introduce them to our rich culinary heritage.

In the last year alone, we served authentic Hyderabadi khana to several distinguished guests including Sachin Tendulkar, Shoaib Akthar, Arun Lal and Gautam Gambhir (cricket); Aamir Khan, Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra (Bollywood); Prannoy Roy, Aroon Purie and Rahul Kanwal (News Media). These guests fully enjoyed their meals and some vowed to come back again.

Coming back to the hype part, it is purely incidental. It comes as a result of what we do everyday. Our success is measured by the delight or disappointment of each guest when he visits us. For us, every guest – distinguished or otherwise – is special and he deserves nothing but the best cuisine and service. This was the vision of our founders, and six decades later, it is this vision that inspires us.

Now Open in Namma Bengaluru!

Bengaluru – here we come. For the first time, we have extended our presence to another city and we chose you. Hyderabad may be called the City of Pearls, but we are bringing you and your wonderful denizens something much more timeless and valuable – the exquisite Hyderabadi cuisine that is so widely loved all over the world.

Our first Restaurant outside Hyderabad opened its doors on CMH Road, Indira Nagar in Bengaluru on January 8, 2015. A low-profile ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted in the presence of Mr. Ali Hemmati, Chairman – Paradise Food Court Pvt. Ltd. After much planning and hard work, it is indeed very satisfying for all of us to see this Restaurant opening.

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From 11 AM to 11 PM every day, we serve authentic Hyderabadi cuisine that made our name. Do try our exquisite selection of kebabs, curries, and of course the legendary Biryani. This royal feast comes with the Paradise promise of taste and purity. Our cuisine is made with nothing but the freshest and finest ingredients by chefs committed to their craft.

The first reviews on social media have been positive and they reinforce our belief that good food transcends all barriers. This is just the beginning, and with your support, our Restaurant will become an important landmark on the Garden City’s rich culinary scene. Go ahead and enjoy good food, great service and happy times!

Brighten up your mood


With the holiday season over, the blues have once again returned. Nothing, it seems, could be harder than getting back to work or school after a long holiday spent with friends and families. What should we do to get back on the treadmill of life with renewed energy? Well, one answer could be enjoying good food that brightens up your mood.

On your way to work, you could drop by our Secunderabad café and treat yourself to hot Irani chai and Khara Biscuits. In the evenings, you can try Samosas and Faluda at our Bakery on the Ground Floor. Catching up with friends in the evenings over hot chai and delicious snacks can instantly cheer up your spirits.

For those who returned from a long vacation and missed Hyderabadi cuisine, there’s no better way to get back in the groove than treating your taste buds to a mouthwatering bowl of Biryani. You can also try our finest selection of Kebabs and curries. A leisurely dinner at the end of a grueling day would indeed be very relaxing and energizing.

In any case, with the Republic Day on January 26, another long weekend is coming up next Saturday and there’s much to be happy about. We invite you to enjoy authentic Hyderabadi cuisine at our Restaurants/Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank (Takeaway only), NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet.

Kebabs with a royal twist

KebabsThe Biryani may have come to represent Hyderabadi cuisine, but there are a lot of other dishes in the culinary collection that are equally addictive. Take Kebabs for instance, every self-avowed lover of Hyderabadi cuisine has a favourite Kebab variety and each is sure to offer a memorable experience.

For someone just beginning their tryst with Hyderabadi cuisine, there’s an amazing variety of Kebabs to choose from. Like the Biryani, Kebabs pack a punch when it comes to flavour. The succulent pieces of meat, paneer or vegetables with their delicious interplay of spices melt in your mouth and leave a special feeling.

Chicken Hara Bhara Kebab and Mutton Tikka Kebab are famous for their zesty flavour. Vegetarians can enjoy the refreshing taste of the Paneer Achari Kebab and Veg Sheek Kebab. We serve an exquisite selection of Kebabs that the connoisseurs can sample including the Fish Malai Kebab and the Irani Jujeh Kebab.

Are your prepared to take your relationship with Hyderabadi cuisine to the next level? Do try our wonderful selection of Kebabs at our Restaurants/Takeaways at at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank (Takeaway only), NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet.