New year, new outlet

After Sankranti and before Republic Day, here’s one more reason to celebrate in January. Paradise has opened a brand new outlet in the beating heart of Hitec City, right opposite Raheja Mindspace. We did tell you last time that we might be coming to your neighborhood, and here we are! Of course, with demand for Hyderabadi cuisine increasing, we owed this to you for a long time and we are happy that we found the right location.

If you are having a busy day at work or a good day, pay us a visit and our cuisine will brighten it up further. For if there’s anything that can alter somebody’s mood quickly, it is good food. Well, at Paradise, we always serve our guests good food that not only tastes good but also smells good and feels good! A complete delight for all senses! So why wait and deprive yourself of good food. We’ve got whatever you’re in the mood for.

Our signature Hyderabadi Biryani is fit for a hearty lunch or quiet dinner. You can choose to start off your meal with our hot and juicy Kebabs. Try our Kebab Platter, which is ideal when dining with colleagues. We also serve an exquisite selection of Indian breads and curries. If you are looking for a quick snack break, walk into our bakery and enjoy our hot samosas and a stimulating cup of Irani Chai.

If you work in or around Hitec City, drop by the new Paradise outlet, opposite Raheja Mindspace. With elegant interiors and impeccable service, we will help you enjoy a memorable experience on each visit. If you don’t have the time to sit down for a meal at our restaurant, you can visit our takeaway to get a quick parcel of your favourite cuisine. We will do everything to become your favourite food destination. Wish us luck!


Paradise Biryani – Not a meal but an experience

There are needs and then there are desires. When you are thirsty, in this heat especially, you would want to drink a glass of cold water to quench that overpowering thirst. As you gulp down that cold water, it goes down your throat, soothing your parched being, and rehydrating each and every cell of your body, you are responding to a need. But when you are not thirsty to the point of getting dehydrated and you just want to drink something because you desire it, you would want a beverage of your choice and sip it slowly to experience the taste, the consistency and the coolness.

Well, that’s what desires are: they are not short-lived urges, but deep-rooted wishes – and we make some of them come true. Desires are an experience in themselves—if you have ever desired a Paradise Biryani and then had it, you know it is not a mere meal, it is an experience. Having Biryani at Paradise cannot be reduced to eating a meal when one is hungry. No, having Biryani at Paradise is an experience, a delightful, heady experience in which all five senses participate. Those who have experienced it never forget it.

It would not be an exaggeration but a truthful admission that when visiting friends or family in another city and ask them what you should bring from Hyderabad, they always ask for Paradise Biryani! For when you have Biryani at Paradise, you are taking part in a magical experience. The Salan adds more texture and spice to each mouthful and the Raita soothes the glow of fire that the spices kindle. It is no wonder then that having the Paradise Biryani is such a memorable experience.

Relive the experience that is Paradise Biryani at your nearest Outlet today. Spread the joy and share this one of a kind experience with friends and family, come dine at Paradise or pick up your favourites from our Takeaway counters and bring home some Paradise.

Fine weather, finest cuisine

Chicken PlatterWhat lovely weather! Probably, the last of rains this monsoon have been lashing the country over the last couple of weeks. Forget the traffic and the roads, this is one of the best times to go out and have a good time. This is also the time when one craves something hot and delicious. We have a few recommendations that can make your meal outing special and memorable.

First in line are our Kebabs. Tender, sizzling and delectable, our steaks are the snack of the season. There is also the Hot N Juicy Kebabs Festival that we are running at our Hyderabad and Bengaluru Outlets that brings together the most diverse spread of Kebabs – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Check out the new varieties before the Festival ends on September 30.

biryani-crop-1Of course, there is the Paradise Biryani – the all-time and all-weather favourite as we call it. Savour the mouth-watering aroma and delightful flavour of our Biryanis. If you want to enjoy Rotis, do sample our flavoursome selection of Curries. Who says the best Desserts are served cold? Our pleasingly warm and luscious Double-ka-Meeta is not to be missed this season.

For those lazy weekend mornings, try our special breakfast menu (only in Secunderabad) that includes the irresistible Kheema Roti, Nahari Paya and Bhaji Gurda. When you are done, wash it down with a steaming hot cup of Irani Chai. There is always an excuse to enjoy great food, but in such fine weather, you should have an excuse not to enjoy the delicious spread that we serve.

Fine weather, finest cuisine

What a relief! We’ve had good rains. The weather is perfect for a shopping or movie outing, and not to forget, for enjoying great food. As we wrote so many times on this blog, there is nothing like delicious food to lift your spirits and you should take every opportunity to savour the best cuisine this season. We have some recommendations for you. Read on.

We are not sure whether the current weather makes Haleem more tantalising or if Haleem makes the weather feel more pleasant, but we know for sure that it is irresistible. Now that we are in the last week of Ramadan with just a few days left to enjoy this sublime dish, go ahead, grab a bowl and lose yourself in its splendid taste. We are serving it all our Outlets in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

At Paradise, you can also enjoy sizzling Kebabs hot off the coals. Made with the most tender meat, our Kebabs are soft, crunchy and delicious. Be it the famous Chicken Tikka or the scrumptious Mutton Sheek Kebab, you can never go wrong with these classic dishes made expertly by our Chefs. We also have several great vegetarian Kebabs that you will love.

Finally, there’s the all-weather favourite – the legendary Paradise Biryani. Rediscover the joy of a steaming hot bowl of Biryani that is pure, delicious and filling. If you would like to have some warm Desserts, try our Double-ka-Meeta which is one of the best ways to end an elaborate Hyderabadi meal. We look forward to seeing you at our Outlets.

Happy Holi, everyone!

India’s festive calendar is a rather busy one. Yet, we celebrate each one with lots of enthusiasm. Why not? More than anything, our festivals are a celebration of life. This week, we have the special festival of Holi coming up. The mere mention of Holi calls to mind images of people playfully throwing colour at each other, children running around with their pichkaris, and endless rounds of savoury mithai.

One of the most anticipated festivals, Holi announces the arrival of spring. Young and old, everyone delights in the fun, the dazzle, and the warmth that mark this festival. How wonderful would it be to enjoy a meal complements the buoyant spirit of Holi! This Wednesday, after the festivities, visit Paradise Restaurants to enjoy cuisine that is just as delightful and energising.

Let’s start with the jewel in the crown of Hyderabadi cuisine – the Biryani. A delectable riot of flavours, Paradise Biryani brings together myriad spices, slender Basmati rice, and tender meat or vegetables to give you a uniquely satisfying experience. Everyone enjoys the Biryani and no one ever gets bored by it, no matter how frequently one enjoys it.

It’s not all spice though. For a sweet ending to a Biryani meal, enjoy our Double-ka-Meeta and Qubani-ka-Meeta. Rich, creamy and tantalising, these Desserts melt in your mouth and give your taste buds a heavenly joyride. We cannot recommend them enough. Drop by our Restaurants this Holi to enjoy a royal Hyderabadi meal with friends and family.

A special winter treat

im1Winter is here, and with it, the familiar chill. Temperatures are dropping, but not the spirits. In fact, most of us are cheered by the joyful intimations of the approaching holiday season. As we prepare to unwind, relax and have a great time, we want to recommend you some drinks and dishes from the Hyderabadi kitchen that will keep you warm and upbeat.

In the mornings, a cup of hot Irani chai with Osmania biscuits is a great way to warm oneself at the start of the day. The crunchy and creamy texture of the Osmania biscuits perfectly complements the refreshing taste of the Chai. For lunch, it is hard to surpass the delightful feeling that washes over you as you enjoy a bowl of authentic Hyderabadi Biryani.

16 Tulsi MurgThose facing a snack attack in the evening can try the popular Chai – Samosa combo at our Café/Bakeries. We also serve irresistibly delicious Puffs, which are popular with the younger lot. For dinner, you can try out our finest selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kebabs – hot off the grill. In the main course, you can never go wrong with our selection of flavourful Curries and soft Rotis.

There are Desserts too that are served nice. Our Double-ka-Meeta, made with pure ghee and topped off with roasted pistachio, is the best climax you could think of for a royal Hyderabadi meal. There’s nothing like having asli Hyderabadi khana during winter. Walk in to Paradise Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru and enjoy a special winter treat.

Consistency is king!

Consistency is the holy grail of all leading food brands. For restaurants with presence at multiple locations, it is also one of the most challenging things to achieve. Making sure that guests enjoy excellent cuisine and service every single time they visit a restaurant determines how well it can scale and grow. When it comes to consistency, there are no second chances.

Chicken Biryani_finalAt Paradise, we understand the importance of delighting our guests every time they visit any of our 12 outlets. We understand the expectations of our guests are high and meeting them requires discipline, diligence and dedication. For the last two years, we have been focusing on this important aspect to ensure that we grow our business and quality at the same time.

We constituted a cross-functional team in place, which is overseen by the top management. This team recommends and puts in place the processes that help us deliver the signature Paradise experience to all our guests across locations and visits. The team focuses on the continuous improvement of areas as diverse as security, ambience, billing, food and service.

Working towards ensuring a delightful experience for guests across all our outlets is a continuous work in progress. It demands rigorous attention to detail because Hyderabadi cuisine, with its myriad ingredients and elaborate cooking procedures, is challenging even for the best of Chefs. We promise you that we are steadily getting there.